Monday, 6 March 2017

Listening Section

Listening is one of English lesson that I love the most. Listening to English material train us to learn English faster. Why faster? Listening, especially when it is combined with watching, watching movie or English video for example, gives us lot of benefits, such us train our brain to process what we hear and see faster. It helps our ability to master English conversation well.

In a movie, we watch a scene where there is two persons talk about their future business for example. In the scene, we may find several vocabularies and expressions to show a prediction, a probability and side effect. We not only know those vocabularies and expressions, but also we know how to use those vocabularies and expressions, we know when we use them, why we use them and so on.

Research show that when we communicate, we spend around 40-50% of our time listening, 25-30% speaking, 11-16% reading and only 9% writing. It means that listening is important and it should get more attention, especially for those who learn about language.

If we remembered when we were at school, junior or senior high school, we spent most of our time to learn about reading and writing, completing a paragraph or crossing an option. We simply say, that it will give less benefit compare to listening activities. The main goal of learning language is that we can communicate well with others using the language, since it is, it looks it is wasting time when we focus on writing or reading a lot. I do not say that there is no need to master both of them, but when we focus on boosting our communication skill, it is better for us to pay more attention to listening rather than writing or reading.

A.J Hoge, the director of gives us a clear explanation why listening is very important to boost our communication skill. Let’s check it

On March 1st , I arranged a listening class for my class of 1st grade of Bachelor of Nursing. I played a video, the explanation from A.J Hoge about how to have a great speaking skill. I asked them, watching the video twice, then picking points from what A.J Hoge has explained.
Many of them still find difficulties to arrange idea using their own words. They tend to rewrite what they hear, without make any changes.

In the end I conclude that if they listen to English material often, it will make them familiar with English voices. They still need more confidence to express their ideas in their own words, and off course practices.  


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