Friday, 4 November 2016

Business English 10th ed.

Many of you will be entering or returning to the world of work soon, and you want to brush up your language skills. Business English can help you refresh your knowledge of grammar and usage so that you will be confident in today’s workplace where communication skills are increasingly important.

Business English has helped thousands of students over the years improve their oral and written communication skills. It has been the leading book in the field for nearly three decades because it works. Its three-level approach makes grammar less intimidating and easier to grasp. This approach provides small learning blocks that proceed from simple to complex, thus helping you understand and remember.

Within the textbook, you will find tried-and-true learning tools as well as new features to ensure that you improve your grammar, punctuation, and usage skills.

Business English reviews the grammar, punctuation, and usage guidelines necessary for you to succeed in your business or professional career. The textbook is not only a friendly teaching and learning tool but also a great reference for you to keep handy on the job. One student remarked, “Business English is a gift to any student who really wants to learn how to use the English language proficiently.”


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